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Questions to ask the photographer

  1. For how many years have you been photographing weddings?

  2. Have you shot at the selected wedding and reception sites before?

  3. Do you have at least 4 references I can contact?

  4. Are you the one who is going to be photographing our wedding, or will it be one of your associates?

  5. Can I see examples of your work?

  6. Do you have extra help?

  7. Is there a backup plan in case of illness or an emergency?

  8. How many rolls of film are you going to shoot? How many photos?

  9. Do you bring backup equipment with you?

  10. Can I get a list of the posed photos you will shoot?

  11. What percentage of your pictures are candids, as opposed to posed?

  12. For how many hours will you be available? Is there an overtime charge?

  13. What packages do you offer?

  14. What are the costs of packages, reprints, extra albums, touch-ups, etc.?

  15. What is the deposit you require and when is the balance due?

  16. When will the proofs be ready?

  17. After I choose my pictures, how long will it take for the album to be ready?

  18. What is your refunds and cancellation policy?


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